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To Travel means to cross borders, also your own. - Wanda Rezat

Welcome to Adventure Morocco Wild Tours, your gateway to authentic and unforgettable travel experiences in Morocco. Our team of experienced guides is passionate about sharing the beauty and wonders of this remarkable country with travelers from around the world.

When I was studying photography in San Diego 20 years ago, a lecturer once told me that my photos were so close to nature as if I were a part of it. At that time, I wondered what he meant by “as if.” I am nature! … We are nature! I thought, we emerge from it.

As someone who has always felt a part of nature, it was not easy for me to fit into this “human world”. I often felt misunderstood or unseen among “people. I also didn’t always feel like I belonged. Because I didn’t understand many things that these “people” did or how they saw the world we live in, I relied heavily on observing the external world. I tried to imitate what defines a “human,” with varying degrees of success. I tried many things and couldn’t quite find my path in this world. However, as I later cultivated peace and strength from within myself and became more in tune with myself, I also found my way back to “people.” From then on, I was able to integrate myself better into the “human family,” to arrive among them. I see my place in accompanying people into nature to discover their own nature that everyone carries within themselves. To reestablish that connection. But also to realize that the wild nature will always remain a great mystery, experienced rather than understood.

As a Swiss nature lover and adventurer, I have explored the fascinating landscapes of Morocco many times and am always impressed by its wild beauty. From the majestic peaks of the High Atlas Mountains to the endless expanses of the desert and the picturesque coastal regions, Morocco offers a variety of breathtaking natural treasures.

My personal experiences and encounters during my stays in Morocco have sparked in me the desire to share this unique natural splendor with others. I firmly believe that contact with nature and adventurous activities can not only create unforgettable memories but also offer a transformative experience.

My goal is to provide travelers with the opportunity to experience the wild nature of Morocco in an authentic and sustainable way. From challenging mountain hikes in the Atlas Mountains to desert expeditions with camel treks, as well as adventure sports like climbing and rafting, I offer a wide range of activities to cater to the individual interests and abilities of travelers.

I am firmly convinced that my passion for nature, my experience in trekking and adventure travel, and my sense of responsibility provide a solid foundation for successful collaboration. – David count

My name is Yassine Lasmak, and I was born in 1990. As a big nature enthusiast, I love all the outdoor sports activities one can engage in. As a child, I lived with my grandmother in the countryside, where I had the opportunity to go hiking, swim in the river, and play in the mud. Whenever I or one of my friends fell down, we would laugh heartily. Even back then, I seized every opportunity to enjoy nature to the fullest, and sunsets always made me feel melancholic.

Over the years, my passion for nature has evolved. Together with my friends, I discovered camping and enjoyed making bonfires on the beach or in the woods. When I watched the movie “Into the Wild,” I was deeply moved. It inspired me to venture into the mountains. I could hike for hours without wanting to take a break – I felt truly at home in that element. I climbed mountains and rocks in Morocco and went on trekking tours in the heart of the desert.

One day, I met François, an experienced hiker from France. Together, we climbed Toubkal, and it turned into more than just a one-time encounter – we became friends. I invited him to my home, and coincidentally, his friend David from Switzerland joined us. David is an expert climber, and we started organizing small trips to go climbing together. Our shared passion for nature brought us together, and that’s how our small community was born. Inspired by this, we had the idea of starting an association that promotes mountaineering in Morocco, protects the environment, and raises awareness about the preservation of our natural treasures.

Today, we still uphold the same values and mindset. Through our company, Adventure Wild Morocco, we aim to promote sustainable tourism in Morocco.

With my extensive knowledge of the region and my experience in trekking and adventure travel, I am well-equipped to design unforgettable and tailor-made trips for European and American travelers. I have already successfully organized trekking tours in various parts of Morocco, taking into account the needs and preferences of the travelers, as well as the protection of the environment and local communities.

In addition to organizing memorable adventures, it is important to me to promote tourism in Morocco in a responsible way. I work closely with local communities to ensure that our activities are both ecologically and socially sustainable. Protecting nature and appreciating local culture are at the core of my work.


At Adventure Morocco Wild Tours, we believe that traveling is about more than just seeing new places; it’s about immersing yourself in new cultures, discovering new perspectives, and creating lifelong memories. That’s why we specialize in offering unique and authentic travel experiences that allow you to connect meaningfully with the people, landscapes, and traditions of Morocco.

"If you travel with your heart, you will recognize the true beauty of nature." - Ibn Battuta




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